Geospatial Division

AG3 understands the need for experienced, quick-response surveying teams. We have brought together a team consisting of Registered Professional Land Surveyors (RPLS), lidar Technicians, Pilot Certified UAV (Drone) personnel, GIS specialists, survey crews and survey technicians. Our team of surveyors have the experience and capabilities to provide thorough, accurate, and precise surveying services.

Our firm currently has Prime Survey TxDOT contracts with the El Paso and San Antonio Districts. AG3 has also been selected as a subconsultant with other firms on various state, county, city, and municipality projects.

AG3 Technology– Reinforcing Your Projects

AG3 lidar/Imagery technology offers our clients immediate and tangible benefits on a wide range of projects. These high-density scans (HDS) and Close Range Imagery photos are able to collect complete 3D models of a project site, with every laser point connected to survey-quality X, Y, Z coordinates, as well as high-resolution digital imagery for simple and comprehensive image-assisted documentation. This allows our technicians to respond to additional site survey needs on-the-fly, without requiring time consuming (and potentially costly) site mobilizations.

Examples of these tangible benefits include:

  • The ability to perform Survey work without the need for Right of Entry
  • The ability to Survey areas that are inaccessible to Survey crews (Building roofs, Refineries, waterways, etc.)
  • Quickly and safely collect data for busy streets, intersections and bridges

Aerial Lidar

Harris Aerial Carrier UAS

AG3 utilizes a Harris Aerial Carrier UAS with a Phoenix Ranger Lidar System and a 35mm Zeiss Camera. This setup is already on the BLUE UAS Cleared List. This provides AG3 with the ability to perform UAS work for DOD, Federal and Governmental projects. It also complies with the upcoming TxDOT mandate of using an American made UAS on all TxDOT Projects.

Drone imagery

merged with line work

Included Services:

Global Positioning System (GPS) Surveys
Lidar Surveys
UAV (Drones)/Photogrammetry
Geographic Information system (GIS) analysis
Boundary Survey
Utility Survey
Topographic Survey
Tree Surveys
Transmission Lines
Right-of-Way and Easement Surveys
Civil Design
Construction layout
As-built Surveys including underground assets
Mass quantity takeoffs
Construction Staking
Land Title Surveys (ALTA/ACSM and TSPS Cat. 1A)
Large Scale GIS database


AG3 uses high resolution cameras and thermal imagery on our drones to give our clients the ability to inspect power lines with accuracy and clarity. We also have the ability to survey the power line corridor to locate the tree canopy for maintenance reasons. Our equipment gives us the ability to locate overhead lines with the precision unmatched in recent years.
AG3 has the ability to deliver a full 3D model of the exterior and interior of a building. We also will provide a 360 degree image from every scan point, giving our clients the ability to see the job site without a site visit. This technology can be used for As Built inspections of buildings as they are being constructed.
Our drones and Lidar capabilities gives AG3 the ability to acquire large areas efficiently and accurately while keeping our field crew safe. AG3 can acquire and model bridge data with precision required for bridge design. We have performed and completed subterranean scanning for drainage structures and pipes. AG3 also has experience in performing long corridor mapping jobs.
AG3 provides high accuracy scanning and close-range imagery for bridges using Terrestrial LiDAR scanning or Drone Imagery. This data allows us to provide accurate 3D modeling of abutments, bents, columns, Low chord, etc.


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